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January 26, 2009


Of the three major American team sports, football is my least favorite. It has neither the speed and athleticism of basketball nor the meditative simplicity of baseball.

My favorite position is offensive left tackle.

I can catch a football, which is harder than it looks. I can throw a football over 100 yards -- that is the length of a whole football field!

When I was about eleven years old I saw Northwestern University's Wildcats defeat the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest University 41-14. I remember the score because it was a palindrome.

I've seen the Minnesota Vikings lose twice in their Metrodome. At the first loss, I used a ticket donated to my workplace by star wide receiver Randy Moss! The prime location led to a Jumbotron cameo when they played Outkast on the public address system.

Football is my second favorite of the major sports (a very distant second). Let's be honest, basketball is clearly the best.

I really enjoy watching Oregon Ducks games on TV with my Dad. Pro Football is kind of a snooze.

I've only been to a high school footbal game.

My favorite position is wide reciever. I can probably throw a football 20 yards.

I really like fruit.

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