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April 14, 2009


Congratulations Diesel!

I wonder if Diesel could have predicted as a young farmer in Prussia that in 150 years he would win a contest where his likeness was sent all over the United States of America by little mystical goblins that fly in the air in seconds and into devilmachines that hum and whir on peoples' laps.

I think there was a brothers Grimm story that may have warned young Ludwig about this.

Ludwig!!! Ludwig!!! I really like the electric kool-aid acid test version of the beard. I think that if Diesel were alive now, he'd definitely be a connoisseur of animated gifs. I have not felt this proud since I won the Lincoln Elementary School 5th Grade Spelling Bee. Word: Incubator. I was in one of those, baby!!!

Tichenor was an able opponent, and will make a wonderful Undersecretary of Bearding.

Thank God! I can finally go to sleep now.

Tichenor was robbed!

My Brazilian grandparents would send us an annual photo of each of them in their tiny swimsuits. It was awesome and would make for a great contest. I know I'm not the only one with photos of my grandma in a string bikini.

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