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April 20, 2009


Per my understanding, LOL can also mean "laughing out loud."

Great work nevertheless.

I looked at it at work. Now I am uncomfortable.

Great point, Carl. I guess I picked the more obscure translation of LOL, because it seemed a better fit with the give and take of their conversation.

I would agree with the thesis statement: It's a fucked up world. People are cold-blooded, dude, which makes the world fucked up.

Oh man, I just realized that putting this note on the internet without consent is a cold-blooded thing to do. I proved their point. Argh!

Pretty good article, but this website is spreading lies. Your mock-up of the Fuck The World tattoo is NOT using the Zapfino typeface as stated. It's clearly the Rosewood font. I am an expert and I know Rosewood when I see it.

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