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April 11, 2009


Listen, it is visually clear that Ludwig lacks a certain mid-beard thickness, hidden by the general bulk of his outer beard. Tichenor has the middle line covered, with his silver spade of a goatee. But Ludwig is not ashamed. he knows his side fur is powerful. What of Tichenor? He does not grow out the side fur: we don't know if he can. Perhaps he can. But I see fear in the bald sides of his face. He leans on the goatee for power. We will see if it is power enough.

The greatest beard award must in this contest be awarded to The Tich. I cannot abide Ludwig's sculpted beard even though the curly hair has much appeal. Ben C.'s beard continues to grow longer and bushier and by the time he is a grandfather it should be down to his ankles. Then we'll see who has the ability to win this contest.

Ludwig! Ludwig!! Ludwig!!! He has a full beard! I don't what old man Tich is trying to pull off with that chin beaver, but it is not going to win him this match.

At first I liked Tichenor. But the free one-week preview of MLB Extra Innings reminded me of a few things:

A: http://www.midwestsportsfans.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/bobby-jenks-pink-goatee.jpg

B: http://msn.foxsports.com/fe/img/MLB/Headshots/140x170/7279.jpg

C: http://www.survivinggrady.com/uploaded_images/clembeard-765240.jpg

These need to stop.

A vote for Riediesel is a vote against Matt Clement's beard.

Wow, Carl almost convinced me to go with Riediesel, but I'm sticking with Tichenor. The size and majesty of his goatee would stand out in any generation. Truly a wonderful chin beaver.

Chris C, I agree. Ben C could easily win this contest NEXT YEAR if his beard keeps growing at its current pace.

Reidiesel! I'm such a traitor.


Tichenor! Not only is this my middle name but I also have to be loyal to my blood!

I'm with carl--J. Ludwig Riediesel.

This is really tough, because I truly have love for both of these great beards. But I have to go with my gut, as John so eloquently reminded me: Tichenor.

Holy cow, the score is tied 5-5 with a little over four hours to go!

Most of Tichenor's support is coming from the West coast. Will this time zone advantage come into play?

This is about so much more than the beards at this point. No wonder these two made it to the finals. Such striking faces, piercing eyes, distinctive schnozes, (and Tich's giant ears -- or ear, I can't be sure -- what's up with that?). Hollywood denies us so many interesting human features to look at. I live close to Hell-wood. I will fight this Satan.

In other news, I'm voting for The Diesel Riediesel. It's a gut thing.

In light of this post,

and a comment I made to John in an email not too long ago, I propose that the next facial-hair themed contest be "My dad's mustache in the 1970s." I can already think of 3 worthy candidates just off the top of my lip.

I got an itch for.. Tich!

Wow, down to the wire! At first I was going to go with the Tichenor purely due to the fact that his beard-papa looks like a waterfall draining out his lower lip, but then after staring at these photos for well over 2 hours I must change it up and go the other way. My vote is for Riediesel, for three reasons: 1) his Farah Faucett hairdo, 2) the look on his face that screams "monsters keep eating my babies!" and, 3) that wondrous br'er patch beard that deserves its own theme song.

Godspeed J. Ludwig! Godspeed!

And for best modern beard may I nominate Sam Beam from Iron & Wine?


the diesel!

I looked at these beards a lot. I think the J. Ludwig beard has a really good Rasputin-y vibe. I feel like there were definitely be more soup stuck in that beard. The Tichenor beard is certainly of a commanding length, but probably wisped around in the breeze. J. Ludwig's berad has a real Grizzly Adams, against-the-elements, crumb-collecting capacity. My vote's with J. Ludwig.

Who are you Tichenors? Captain William was my great great grandpa too. I live in Oregon, on the NW coast.

The picture you posted is cool. Immediately I could see the Tichenor in his face. Looks just like my grandpa Bruce... the oldest Tichenor I used to hang out with.

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