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May 09, 2009


Rather than rent a truck and drive all the way to Michigan. Here's what you can do to earn cash back!

1. Take pictures of individual cans
2. Scan the UPC labels of your cans into computer.
3. PUT in hard drive and backup on external hard drive. This is very important for documentation purposes.
4. Send all cans (NO BOTTLES) through regular mail to my address. They cannot be crushed.
5. Photoshop all UPC codes into individual pictures of cans and send them to my email. (make sure the right UPC codes go with right can! You can do this while waiting for cans to arrive at my house!)
6. After I have received the cans, please send money order for 20 dollars along with a SASE to my address for processing fees! (Very important, without this, I can't properly process cans. Hey, I'm only one person!)
7. Now here's the fun part. You can actually track your money ON-LINE! After I process cans at grocery store I will send a mobile text to my twitter account telling you how much money you are about to make.
8. After this, you have two options: I can mail you the in-store grocery credit receipts and you can cash them when you next visit Michigan OR if you are a gold member you can have me cash in the in-store receipts and mail you the cash.

Thanks Johnu.
Could you write a testimonial for me so I can share them with my "Yes, we CAN!" networking associates. I am three clients away from being a Star 1000 level captain. If anyone is interested in the software to get started yourself please email me.

I am about to go to prison for a crime I committed before I read the blog. Should I still send you 30% of my post-prison earnings?

Carl, great question. Being in prison, independent of the other 16 Tips, is a method for saving money.

Once you get out of prison and start making pills and helping people to parallel park, then you should send me 30%.

Sorry for not making that clearer.

If someone could explain to me the Scientological implication of these strategies I would be very appreciative. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

They don't do carpooling in New York, but if you live somewhere that does, here's an idea from smart Indonesians:


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