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September 26, 2009


i've always wanted to join a cult and this one seems to have all of the elements i have been looking for. i would also be interested in making sure that all culties get to live in trees and that the deities bless said trees with rainbow sap. other than that this looks good.

I'm usually not too much into joining cults (I'm shy so I'm not very good at asking strangers for money, for one thing), but this one looks promising. I'm pretty sure looking at those pictures just cured me from cancer. Not that I was ever diagnosed with cancer, but I had a feeling I might have it because I used to smoke over a pack of cigarettes a day for quite a while. And now I don't have that feeling. Which makes me wonder if I can start smoking again.

If I may suggest a soundtrack for this mythology? The drawings reminded me of this recording the Cassini spacecraft made at Saturn. I think every cult needs a soundtrack that sounds like a bad 1960's sci-fi film. Especially when there are pyramids involved.

Oops, link didn't work. The Cassini recording is at http://www.nasa.gov/wav/123163main_cas-skr1-112203.wav

These are all great ideas!

i think this should not merely be the dance of worship, but also, just generally the way we as culties move about. yes.

You guys all seem like a lot of fun. I'll be in the cult with you.

We also must harvest the rainbow sap to sell to locals and "buy off" local officials so they don't shut this thing down.

Oh yeah, we will need lots of guns.

1. The Raquel Welch space dance is *identical* in some places to the Thriller choreography. I think MJ stole it. I'm not being funny - I'm serious.

2. Where was that video filmed?? Those are some really large legos.

Is this a real cult? This sounds great. What's next? I am seriously up for anything. Like whatever!

Is there TV there?

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