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November 18, 2010


as a wordsmith, i suggest a slight revision to the comics at the trib: the phoenix phunnies. these could be a whole other race of phoenixes that look like hairless rabbits that fly briefly after 3,000 days and then burst into flames, never to be seen again.

otherwise, i like what i see. i do! but i can't commit to any for the site. my boss is a tough cookie.

The phoenix phunnies are going to be hilarious. The phunnies aren't rare, like a regular phoenix. I picture thousands of them all over the place, hopping around trying to fly. All you hear is chirping interrupted every few seconds by a bang when another one bursts into flames.

This blog has really risen to the occasion.

Did everyone catch the pun in Seth's comment?

Thanks, Seth.

My only wish is that more folklorish creatures were given such treatment. Imagining Minotaur Madness, The Roc Sessions and Unicorns in my Underpants.

Oh and cielo, your boss is a biscotti? I'm out! Goodnight!

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